TAKAZAWA CANDLE: Beyond the Lights
The flickering flame of the candles, unscented and made from vegetable wax, will brighten up various scenes of your everyday life. It can be a light adding a special atmosphere to your room or a natural timer letting you know the passage of time. Discover new scenes in your lifestyle.
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FUTAGAMI: Brass and Artisanship
The products are made of solid brass with no pleating or painting. They are simple and beautiful but practical for daily use. Using it for a long time unveils the beauty of the material to its maximum potential.
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DAIYO Colorful Rice Wax Candles Holiday Colors are Back!
We are delighted to announce that DAIYO Colorful Rice Wax Candles Holiday Colors are now back in stock. They are available for a limited time during the holiday season.
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December, the final month of the year, unfolds with a unique blend of joy, festivity, and reflection. As winter takes its firm grip on the Northern Hemisphere and summer graces the Southern Hemisphere, this month becomes a canvas painted with diverse experiences and emotions. For the year-end sales to those around you, please check out our Super Express items, and don’t miss your final opportunity to replenish!
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