TAKAZAWA CANDLE: Beyond the Lights
The brightness of the candles’ light symbolizes the history of Japanese candle making. It might evoke images in our mind, beautiful memories of those days, or perhaps feelings about our primitive nature.
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FUTAGAMI: Brass and Artisanship
The products are made of solid brass with no pleating or painting. They are simple and beautiful but practical for daily use. Using it for a long time unveils the beauty of the material to its maximum potential.
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Introducing New Candle Gift Sets & "Holiday Season" Colorful Rice Wax Candles from DAIYO
DAIYO's best-selling Colorful Rice Wax Candles Earth (DAIY-065) and Vivid (DAIY-066) are now available as gift sets along with the Ceramic Candle Holders EN [ Circle ] (DAIY-080, 081). We also have "Holiday Season" colorful rice wax candles (DAIY-089) - limited time only!
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